Northeast Iowa Farm to School Chapter

"Linking schools with farming communities..."

Northeast Iowa Farm to School Chapter

Farm to School is a national movement connecting schools with their local agricultural communities.

Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative (FFI) joined this effort in 2009 with the adoption of pilot projects in six school districts.  The FFI provided technical, educational and financial support for these schools, while the schools assembled teams to plan and implement Farm to School activities.

The NE Iowa FFI supports Farm to School program opportunities for all of the region's 20 school districts. Farm to School helps children understand where their food comes from and how their food choices impact their bodies, the environment and their communities.

Five Reasons to Start a Farm to School Program
1.  To provide appealing and nutritional foods like fresh fruits and vegetables for growing children.
2.  To serve high-quality foods that don't have to travel far from farm to tray --they are fresh, flavorful and have a long shelf life.
3.  To increase school lunch participation rates by offering foods that kids will eat.
4.  To demonstrate to the community that your food service operation supports the local food and farm economy.
5.  To take advantage of the variety and quantity of foods available locally while reducing your transportation costs and carbon footprint. 


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