Take a Safari in Northeast Iowa

Take a Safari in Northeast Iowa

Join in a summer adventure exploring the historical, cultural, and natural treasures of Northeast Iowa! These Safari programs run from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and have a whole set of new and exciting places for you to visit!

Click here to visit Driftless Safari in Winneshiek County.

Click here to visit Turkey River Safari in Clayton and Fayette Counties.

Click here to visit Allamakee Safari in Allamakee County. 

Into the Land of the Headwaters Safari - Howard County


During the summer of 2011, the Northeast Iowa Food & Fitness Initiative and several other local organizations partnered together to pilot Driftless Safari, a county-wide treasure hunt lasting from Memorial Day to Labor Day that created opportunities for families to play outside together. Based on a similar program developed in Lincoln, Nebraska, Driftless Safari is designed to get families and groups out of the house and exploring the natural, cultural, and historical treasures of Winneshiek County.

The Turkey River Safari was added in 2012 to explore the Turkey River Valley.  The purpose of the Safari program is to help residents of and visitors to northeast Iowa engage in healthful physical activity, to increase awareness of and connectedness to the natural, historical, and cultural environments of the region, and to foster a sense of community engagement and environmental stewardship in participants.

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