Cresco Bicycles is on the Move

Posted: March 23, 2013
Cresco Bicycles is on the Move

The downtown business is expanding and changing locations, transitioning across the street to the building currently occupied by Movies America.

Cresco Bicycles co-owners Paul Lovell and Keith Wherry are looking forward to the move to a more spacious building.

"I'm looking forward to all the space. We will be able to expand and have more bikes in the showroom, and customers can more easily find accessories. It will make it more efficient for repairs. We're probably tripling our useable space. With the bikes, we can wheel them out for people to look at, and organize by style and category."

Lovell said Cresco Bicycles is a draw along an increasingly wide geographical area.

"We're noticing we've been pulling in a lot of people from places like New Hampton, Fredericksburg, Sumner, Waterloo, and as far north as LeRoy and Spring Valley (Minnesota). We're starting to pull in people from around the area and are hoping to expand the geographic area."

As the spring season approaches, Lovell said that Cresco offers an ideal location for bike enthusiasts.

"Cresco is a great community to get around on your bicycle. You can go to school, to work, and pick up groceries," he said. Noting the health benefits of exercise, Lovell -- who worked as a registered nurse in Waterloo before taking co-ownership of Cresco Bicycles -- said, "In light of the obesity epidemic, bicycling can help with that. Also, with people on computers so much of the time, there is very little interaction in the real world. Bicycling is a very social activity: You can bike by and wave to your neighbors, and a lot can be said about that."

Source:, March 12, 2013.

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