FFI Transitions to New Leadership Structure

Posted: December 7, 2012
FFI Transitions to New Leadership Structure

The NE Iowa Food & Fitness Initiative entered its sixth year of work in November.  With a focus on sustainability, the leadership structure is transitioning, and there are new faces at the table.

FFI has an integrated and complex leadership structure with multiple components of community engagement through team meetings and work group sessions. For the first five years of the work, this structure has served them well because it facilitated widespread ownership, awareness of the initiative, and momentum across six counties.
Now, FFI is transitioning to governance by a Regional Leadership Council that will provide oversight for the Initiative on a quarterly basis.  An Operations Team will meet more frequently to manage the daily activities between work groups. 

The Regional Leadership Council reflects the broader make-up of the region, including members who give voice to the thinking of traditionally marginalized groups and youth. Consideration is also given to members who can bring access to resources for sustainability. 

The first meeting for the new Regional Leadership Council was held November 27 and includes leadership from each of the core partner organizations as well as school, community and youth representation.  

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