Postville Hosts Spring Fling Wellness Workshop

Posted: May 21, 2012
Postville Hosts Spring Fling Wellness Workshop

In celebration of Earth Day and Global Youth Service Day, 41 Postville elementary students and their parents gathered together to participate in a workshop that emphasized the importance of physical activity and healthy eating habits.  

Members of Postville's elementary garden club worked with high school members of the Postville Food and Fit team to prepare dinner for both workshop participants and local community leaders through a program called F.E.E.S.T.

F.E.E.S.T., which stands for Food Empowerment Education Sustainability Team, brings youth together with community partners to prepare a meal.  Working alongside a chef, students are responsible for seeking out food donations from local farms and businesses and then creating a meal (without recipes!), from the ingredients they procure.

For the past school year, Postville's youth team, largely under the direction of Senior Alex Enyart, has completed a F.E.E.S.T. monthly.  April's F.E.E.S.T was unique, as local community members were invited to partake in the meal and learn about the value of such a program. Community members offered valuable insight on the creation of partnerships between students and adults to foster better environments of wellness within the school and town communities.

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