Why Food, Why Fitness?

Food and fitness is important because no matter where we are, the places where we live, learn, work and play affect our health and quality of life. Our children’s health is directly linked to the quality of food they eat and to the environments in which they grow and play.

Kids who eat healthy Food and get regular exercise:

  • Tend to have better academic achievement
  • Demonstrate improved classroom behavior
  • Are absent or tardy less often
  • Are more ready to learn


Food brings families together:

  • A focus on family meals can have a significant impact on a child’s life and health.
  • According to studies, family meals are more predictive of a child’s success than how much education or money the parents have.


Gardening brings families together:

  • School gardens are a great way to give children food experiences.  Students who plant and harvest their own fruits and vegetables are more likely to eat them.


Physical activity and play brings Families together:

  • Physical activity and play are strongly connected to our health. People who maintain a healthy weight tend to stay healthier and live longer.
  • Our social and cultural environments impact our ability to be physically active, including everything from having PE in schools to whether or not we choose family hikes over family screen time.



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