Farm to School Month Special Guest: Kohlrabi!

October is an exciting month in northeast Iowa! The leaves are changing color, the air is becoming crisp and harvest season is winding down for most farmers. As we enter autumn, we honor the summer of hard work by harvesting and sharing garden bounties with friends and family. Schools across the county have joined together to celebrate this time of plenty through Farm to School Month, a month dedicated to developing and applauding strong connections between schools and local foods. Continue reading

Laying the Groundwork

AKayla Koether_headshotfter some time abroad and working in other community organizations, I’m happy to be back on this blog and supporting the Food and Farm Coalition and the Food and Fitness Initiative. Time has truly flown since I started as Food System Specialist on March 21st! I’ve been busy settling into my role, getting to know stakeholders, and attending a variety of trainings. Some trainings have helped educate me about goals of Iowa State Extension and services that we offer, others have helped me develop specific skill sets and knowledge that I’ll use in my work with local farmers. Continue reading

A Very Long Thank You Note

Welcome to my post-holiday slump of a blog post. I have this sort of beehive-sounding buzz building in my brain since attempting to get back into the school groove this week. Maybe I ate too much turkey. Maybe I did not eat enough pie (which is entirely not possible considering the amount of pie I ate). Whatever it is, it does not feel nice. Last New Years, I made a resolution to “TURN IT AROUND”! For me, “turning it around” is a commitment to finding, and even sometimes forcing into existence, the positivity in all situations. So, here I sit in my office meditating on the words “turn it around”. This holiday season I will not be overtaken by the bee-buzz in my brain. With every word I type, may the buzz be ever gone from my being. Continue reading