Celebrate National Pizza Day!!!

Celebrate National Pizza Day

Pizza is my favorite food.  Hands down!  So please join me on February 9th to celebrate National Pizza Day.  Pizza originated in the southwest region of Italy, home to Naples.  It really didn’t become popular in the United States until our servicemen from WWII returned home after being introduced to pizza in Italy.  This is when the pizza market in the United States exploded and made pizza one of the most popular foods in America. Continue reading

Two Carrot Recipes From Miss Hallie

Carrots are the Food of the Month – Enjoy Miss Hallie’s recipes this month!


Carrots are a staple in our house.  Two of my boys eat them dipped in peanut butter, and the other loves to eat them with hummus.  They are a nutritious, inexpensive, and widely available vegetable.  Sometimes it’s fun to think outside of the box, and these recipes are great ways to eat carrots if you want something different than raw carrot sticks.   Continue reading

Yoga helps kids calm their bodies and minds.

I love my 3 boys dearly.  Really, I do.  But, sometimes their energy and wildness can drive me crazy!  Channeled into yoga poses, though, that energy is fun and contagious.  They jump around, hang upside down on my wall ropes, and love moving back and forth between adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog pose) and urdhva mukha svanasana (upward facing dog).  Aside from burning off some of their energy, I find that yoga simply makes them happy.  And that is reason enough to keep them practicing! Continue reading