National AmeriCorps Week!

It’s National AmeriCorps Week!


If you’re not familiar with the AmeriCorps organization, what their members do, or why it matters, I would love to spread the word. Knowledge is power, people! Continue reading

Youth are Ready for Action

These last couple weeks, I have had the opportunity to meet some of our youth teams and their coaches at our Cross Age Teaching and FEEST trainings. The students have put in the time and dedication to learn about these programs and are ready to implement them in their schools. Continue reading

Howard-Winn Kicks Off to Wellness

Students, faculty, and administrators from Howard-Winneshiek Community School District (Howard-Winn) gathered at the Crestwood High School gymnasium on Friday, Sept. 5 for a “kick-off to wellness” celebration for the 2014-15 school year. The crowd was greeted at an assembly that afternoon by the District’s pep band, as well as the cheerleaders who got everyone up on their feet, enjoying some aerobic exercise by teaching a brand new Crestwood Spirit Dance set to an upbeat tune. Continue reading

4-H Cross-Age Teachers Trained

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Howard-Winneshiek students trained as FFI 4-H Cross-Age Teachers include Kaylie Henry, Karlee Freidhof, Hailey Praska, Elle McConnell, Elaina Balk, Lexi Rustad, Shaunna Erickson, Lauren Reicks, Andrew Born, Kolby Lefebvre, Tracy Martinek, Michaela Wiltgen, Michaela Pinter, Whitney Slifka, Renee Fisher, Ashley Madsen, Lexi Albert, Meredith Sheehy, Katie Huhe and Hannah Sheehy.

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