FFI Bits – January 2019

On December 13, students from the Walking School Bus (WSB) program participated in the 2nd Annual “Walking School Bus Kindness Project.” Each student contributed an item for the trail mix or holiday cards that they made together after school. The group then delivered the cards and trail mix to local volunteers and public servants around the community. In true WSB style, ALL deliveries were made on foot. Continue reading

FFI Bits – December 2018

Third grade students at Postville elementary learned about why we process and preserve foods during a pickling activity. Students practiced their safe knife skills by cutting bell peppers and baby cucumbers in groups, remembering to “go slow, keep it low.” Once they the cutting was complete, students combined their veggies in a group jar, added brine, and placed them in the fridge. One week later, the pickles were ready! Students unscrewed their jars and discovered the salty sour smells of brine and pickled veggies. We had some thumbs up and thumbs down, but most all students were brave tasters.  Continue reading