About Paige Wettach

I am an AmeriCorps volunteer serving at Luther College in partnership with the Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative.

“WMW” Update!


I try to keep stickers special. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this school year, it’s that kids are especially motivated by stickers. I’m completely supportive of this—who needs candies or special treats when students of almost any age will do just about anything (within reason) for a colorful and cheery sticker. Sometimes I’ll use them with my cafeteria taste tests, but I mostly use them to help encourage students to take white milk on Wednesdays. I wanted to share a little update with how it’s going at North Fayette Elementary School… Just a hint: I’m pretty excited about it! Continue reading

National AmeriCorps Week!

It’s National AmeriCorps Week!


If you’re not familiar with the AmeriCorps organization, what their members do, or why it matters, I would love to spread the word. Knowledge is power, people! Continue reading

Tackling After-school Programs

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t have a lot of experience with after-school programming. It’s such a different animal from anything in the classroom or during the school day. It takes a little more energy, a lot more patience, and an acceptance of chaos. Let’s be honest, outside of the structure of the school day, kids are ready to play and they’ll knock down anyone standing between them and their afternoon snack. Throw your hands up with me and embrace whatever shenanigans come your way. Continue reading

Another Day of Service– MLK Style!

In the world of service members, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a recognized and celebrated holiday. It’s not a holiday in the same sense that we celebrate Christmas and New Years, with oodles of treats and overindulging… Although I’m sure we’re all still recovering a bit from the holiday season. What perfect timing, really, for another national holiday. We’ve recently spent some vacation time with family & friends, opened gifts, and had more than our fair share of food. Now is the time to give back and recognize a day dedicated to the service of others, something we’re VERY familiar with at the Food & Fitness Headquarters. Continue reading