World Smile Day October 1st

Did you know…. the first Friday of October is World Smile Day , a relatively new holiday with a fascinating story.


Created by a commercial artist named Harvey Ball, this day came about as a response to his creation of the smiley face. Harvey worried that the commercialization of the symbol would lessen its impact. We can hardly blame him for his estimation; the symbol has been used in many different ways including clothing, comic books, coffee mugs, pins, and more. These little yellow faces are more than just a symbol, they’re a statement about the power of smiling.


It was official in 1999 –World Smile Day becomes an official holiday to inspire acts of kindness.

Share your smile with someone on World Smile Day and show a little kindness!

Happy Smiling! From NE Iowa FFI, Haleisa & Vicki.

The World Smile Foundation is a non-profit charitable trust that supports wonderful children’s causes.


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