A Snowy Day Action Story

We have a lot of snow outside right now, but some days the temperature is SO cold, it’s not very fun, or very safe, to be outside playing.  Here is an action story so you can pretend you’re outside in the snow while you’re warm and cozy inside!  Someone can read the story, and your whole family can join!  Have fun!


A Snowy Day Action Story

It snowed last night and school is cancelled!  Let’s get dressed to go outside!  Reach way down to put on your boots.  Then, pull your arms into your jacket, and add your mittens.  Let’s race out the door!  Oops, we forgot our hats.  Run back inside, grab a hat, and put it on your head!


First, we need to walk through the snow, so we can start building our snowman.  Lift your feet high and don’t fall over!  I think it snowed at least 2 feet!  This looks like a good spot.  Drop down to your hands and knees, pack some snow together, and start rolling up the bottom of the snowman.  Crawl around, rolling it until it’s nice and big!


Now, pack up some more snow and make the middle ball.  Lift it up and stack it on the bottom ball.  Pack up even snow and make the snowman’s head.  Don’t let it tip off as you reach up and put it on the very top.  Add eyes and a nose and mouth!


I feel like making snow angels.  Start by moving only your arms, keep them extended and lift them up and over your head and back down to your side.  Now, move your legs by themselves as if you were doing jumping jacks.  Great!  Can you move your arms and legs together?  Try laying down on your back and swing your arms and legs back and forth to make a snow angel on the floor.  What a bunch of beautiful snow angels we have made!


Now I think we should have a snowball fight!  Let’s make snowballs!  Bend down and get a handful of snow, pack it up so it’s nice and hard.  Make a big pile of snowballs.  Let’s start throwing the snowballs as fast as we can–bend down to pick them up and see if we can throw them to hit our targets!  Now, try throwing them with your other arm!


It’s almost time to head home.  Run to the sled with me!  Hop on it and lean forward as we go down the hill.  Watch out for that tree!  Lean to the right!  Oh no!  There’s another tree!  Lean to the left!  Phew!  That was a lot of fun!  

Let’s walk back to the house for a healthy snack.  Remember to lift your feet high with each step; it’s a challenge to stomp through this deep snow!   Maybe we’ll have another snow day soon!


Author: Hallie Evans, FFI Early Childhood Associate

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