November 1st is National Author Day

I have always been an avid reader and enjoy spending time drifting into the world of a good book.  I find reading to be relaxing, exciting and educational.   Two of my favorite authors are Kristin Hannah and Nicholas Sparks.  I enjoy their writing styles and always end up getting so lost in their stories that I have a hard time putting the book down. Just one more chapter, I always tell myself!

Children are never too young to be read to.  This November 1st, celebrate National Author Day by snuggling up with your children or grandchildren and reading some of their favorite books to them.  And be sure to take a moment to recognize and appreciate the imagination and talent of the authors that spend countless hours writing these children’s books.

Here are some reading tips that will help children develop lifelong reading skills:

  • Start reading to them when they are infants.
  • Read to them and with them even after they learn to read on their own.
  • Make sure they have lots of books to choose from, especially books that interest them.
  • Children copy what they see, so let them see how much fun reading is for you.
  • Give books as gifts.

Authors of children’s books help develop a child’s imagination. Through reading, children learn about people, places, animals, things and the world outside of their own environment.


A few of my favorite children’s authors are Sandra Boynton and Lois Ehlert.


I find that reading relaxes the body and calms the mind.  Try to create a routine to read to your children every day.  Bedtime is the perfect time to relax and share a favorite book with your children.  And there’s no app to replace your lap!


Author: Vicki Starks, Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative Early Childhood Education Associate for Fayette County.

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