Sun Salutation Directions For You And Your Children To Enjoy!

Sun salutations are a fun way to get some exercise. Here are some easy
to follow directions if you would like to read them to your child as they
follow the steps, or they can just look at the pictures.


Children (& adults) can move through the poses slowly at first, then go more quickly, flowing through the poses one after another. These can be repeated as many
times as you would like! Have fun!


Click link below to open Sun Salutations Instructional Photos.


Sun Salutations (Photos)


1. Stand tall like a mountain. Reach your arms down
toward the floor.
2. Reach your arms up high.
3. Fold forward and touch the floor, or if you can’t reach
the floor, place hands on the shins. Look forward.
4. Bend your knees and place both hands flat on the
5. Step or jump both feet back. Lift your hips up high
and stretch your arms and legs. Be like a dog
stretching it’s head down to the floor.
6. Come down and forward into a high plank position.
Your body should be level with the floor.
7. Keep your back flat and straight and bend your
elbows. Keep looking forward.
8. Keep your hips low, and lift your chest, curl upwards
like a dog stretching up.
9. Lift your hips back up and let your head hang down.
Keep your hands and feet on the floor and stretch
your arms and legs tall.
10. Jump or step your feet forward, keeping your knees
bent and your hands flat on the floor.
11. Straighten your knees, and look forward.
12. Stand up, reaching your arms up high.
13. Lower your arms to your sides.
14. Repeat!


Author: Hallie Evans, NE Iowa Food & Fitness F2ECE Associate and Yoga Instructor

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