Beat the Blues Winter Marathon 2019 Winner!

Congratulations to Mary Sharon Peraud of Fredericksburg! Mary won the 2019 Beat the Blues Winter Marathon raffle!  She enjoyed walking as a way to stay active this winter. Her favorite thing about the Winter Marathon Challenge was that short daily walking distances added up quickly to the goal. “The take your time style of the marathon is a great idea to encourage activity.”


Mary has chosen to put the $50 prize towards a gift card at Chickasaw Wellness Center in New Hampton!


A big THANKS to everyone who participated in the Winter Marathon Challenge this year!  Participants who submitted their forms online recorded activities such as skiing, running, sledding and snowshoeing. The most popular activities were walking and playing outside.


Here are a few comments from 2019 Winter Marathon Participants:


“I am having fun walking!! Doing this with a friend!! Love it!!!”


“Perfect idea and incentive to get moving during these usual slow months – to get to be outside this time of year is great!”


“We love that it motivates yet also just reminds us to continue being active in the Winter!”



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