Impromptu Gardening Lesson leads to Taste Test

I was working after school in my office after a day of walking around the middle and high schools to introduce myself. I left my room to grab some materials from the printer, when I overheard 3 students badgering the secretary about who the ‘new woman’ was that they had seen during the school day. Seeing me, the secretary introduced the students, who decided to stay for a while and help me in the gardens in order to ask me questions about the FFI Program in their school.


We harvested several different vegetables and talked about their involvements with gardens and gardening. One of the students is Hispanic and talked about how important the garden is for their family as it is often difficult to find the fresh ingredients needed for cultural dishes. The other two students had never experienced working in a garden and enjoyed hearing from a peer about the importance of gardening. One of the foods we harvested was Tomatillos, which the students enjoyed eating. During the taste test, the Hispanic student told our group about the different ways that their family prepared tomatillos.


What a great introduction to my new school!

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