Postville Celebrates Sweet Potatoes

Postville Elementary School celebrates Farm to School month with school garden sweet potatoes!


Last March, 4th grade students in grew sweet potato slips in their classroom windowsill by submerging potatoes halfway in jars of water. With a warmly lit classroom and frequent monitoring by students, the slips grew and were later transplanted to containers of soil. Once June arrived, 4-H Garden Club students transplanted the vining slips into the newly constructed school garden beds.

By September, sweet potatoes were ready to harvest. Students harvested a total of 60 pounds of sweet potatoes from one raised garden bed and conducted two taste tests in the cafeteria in October.

Now as 5th graders, the cycle is complete. Students assisted FoodCorps service member Claire by passing out sweet potato fries and “Sweet Potato Mash,” a sweet potato yogurt dip with graham crackers. The older students were great role models for the younger students as they encouraged great tasting practices during the taste tests.


Sweet potatoes were a hit! We can’t wait to begin the process again in March!

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