Kale Taste-Test at Postville

We’re back to school and excited to see how things have grown! Third-grade students helped FoodCorps service member Claire Anderson plant kale seedlings in the Postville school garden in May and by late August, the kale was plentiful for a taste-test in the cafeteria.


Students planted kale seeds in April during an indoor classroom lesson and cared for the seedlings in the high school greenhouse weekly. In mid-May, students transplanted seedlings in the elementary school courtyard garden and Garden club students maintained the kale plants throughout the summer. Multiple harvests were made for the Postville food pantry and Postville Summer School feeding program. By the start of school, students were able to revisit what they had planted and prepare for with a kale-chip taste-test in late August.


Kale leaves were tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper and baked into a crispy chip. Garden club member, Kaia, assisted Claire by passing out taste tests to younger students and spreading the excitement about student-grown produce.

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