Spring Garden Party

To wrap up the end of the school year, the Central Community Schools Garden Committee hosted a Spring Garden Party at the school garden. The party was held to support opportunities for kids in the school garden, celebrate the spring season and our community.


Garden clubs were responsible for helping prepare our garden for the party and set up that day!  We offered free seeds, and fun kids activities during the party.  It was a great time to recruit more volunteers and community members to invest in the sustainability of the school garden.


There was plenty of celebration around local food at our party as well!  We grilled brats and hot dogs from Brink’s Farm, served on buns from Pedretti’s Bakery. Turkey River Farms provided us with a beautiful spring salad. Pete and Natasha from Turkey River Farm play a big role in wellness initiatives at Central Community Schools, are on the garden committee, wellness committee, and volunteer a lot of their time helping sustain the school garden. We also purchased locally grown asparagus from Paul Young. We had sweet cupcake treats donated from Ann Gritzner- another major partner in many of the projects and initiatives involved with the compost and school garden efforts.


We had a great turn out at the party with generous donations from our community members. There are many people to thank who helped make this celebration happen!  I am excited for more school garden parties in the near future and for the success and sustainability of Central’s school garden!

Contact Kate Lower (kate.lower@foodcorps.org) to get involved with Central Community School Garden initiatives!

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