Farm to Pizza with Third Graders!

East Elementary students made mini pizzas as part of a grant to teach “Farm to Pizza” curriculum! After reviewing the components of MyPlate, students drew pictures of pizza toppings and ingredients while determining if they are a grain, fruit, vegetable, dairy or protein!

The mini pizza crusts were prepared by the Waukon Middle School kitchen and topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and beef crumbles by the students. After a quick cook in the oven, the students enjoyed a mid morning snack of delicious pizza that they prepared themselves!

A few weeks before, the classrooms visited the school greenhouse to learn about the different pizza ingredients. High School FFA students prepared stations to investigate meat toppings, herbs, tomatoes and the origin of pizza. Some students had a special viewing of the release of ladybugs into the greenhouse to combat an aphid infestation!

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