Planting Garlic in December

Postville third-grade students took advantage of an unseasonally warm December afternoon to plant garlic in the elementary school garden. Three third-grade classes joined FoodCorps service member Claire outdoors to plant garlic cloves before the ground froze for the coming Winter months. Students considered the seemingly unusual Fall planting process, as many think about planting seeds in the Spring for Summer and Fall harvest. The groups talked about the near year-long process of planting, growing, harvesting and curing efforts that make the garlic plant ready for culinary uses.


Students reflected on the process of planting garlic in their science journals, asking their scientific question: “How do you plant garlic?” Students used sensory observations to think about how the garlic clove felt, what it smelled like and what it looked like. Students reflected about the process and thought about how the plant will grow and transform come Spring and Summer months. In the Spring, the students will return to the school garden to view the growth of the garlic they planted.


Once the garlic is harvested and cured, the bounty will be sent down the hall to the Postville kitchen where kitchen staff will use the garlic in the school lunch program.


We look forward to seeing the above ground growth come Spring!


The garlic planting lesson was possible due to the donation of garlic by Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa.

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