North Winn shares garden bounty with food pantry

North Winneshiek School students donated vegetables from the school garden to the Mabel (Minnesota) Food Shelf in September and November. This included three pounds of Purple Podded and Dragon’s Tongue string beans, three Buttercup squash, 16 pounds of red potatoes, plus cucumbers and zucchini.


We chose this food pantry because some of our school families have ties to Mabel, and because it is smaller and closer than Decorah.


Third graders Karter and Mara weighed and bagged string beans. Ella, Landyn and Lane harvested Buttercup squash. Their class recently studied communities, when helping those who need food was part of the discussion.


Fourth graders Cael, Tylar and Kale sorted and bagged red potatoes. Their class had planted the spuds in May and harvested them in October. They are currently taking turns in small groups to prepare, sample and share different potato recipes. They are able to practice safe food handling measures and knife skills.



One thought on “North Winn shares garden bounty with food pantry

  1. Great work by Mrs. Homstad and the students at North Winn. Way to give back to the community while also teaching the kids a great lesson.

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