F2ECE Growing in Iowa

NE Iowa FFI Early Childhood is pleased to announce the spread of the implementation of the ‘Together We Grow Healthy Kids” curriculum within the state of Iowa.

There are now 32 early childhood settings piloting the NE Iowa ‘Together We Grow Healthy Kids” curriculum with the statewide scaling of F2ECE program. Iowa AEYC and NE Iowa FFI has been supporting these pilot settings. These settings are located in the following counties; Linn, Johnson, Wapello, Cass, Audubon and Shelby counties.


Unrelated to the pilot’s mentions above, the Des Moines Community School District is also implementing the curriculum in 8 of their elementary schools. Forty-eight 4 year old state voluntary preschool classrooms are currently using the curriculum which reaches over 1,400 children. The eight schools include: Capitol View, McKee, McKinley, Mitchell, Moulton, Smouse, Taylor and Woodlawn.


All of the sites mentioned above are beyond the 70 Early Childhood Care and Educations settings in NE Iowa who are implementing F2ECE and the ‘Together We Grow Healthy Kids’ curriculum.


We truly appreciate everyone’s involvement of connecting young children to where their food comes from and getting to know their local farmers. Thank You All!

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