Grooving like Gladiators

On Monday of Homecoming week, the Waukon Middle School spiced things up by doing a Rome-themed brain break!


This month, the sixth grade students of Waukon Middle School are learning about gladiators as part of their lesson over the Roman Empire. We prepared for the arena by stretching our arms and shoulders and getting in some jumping cardio, all to the very appropriate theme music of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”! The students loved their Monday morning of moving!

Stretching our wrists to prepare to fight some lions!

As a new service member, I was encouraged that afternoon when one of the students stopped to asked if I would be back in the classroom the next day! Although I am having a hard time accepting that change doesn’t happen all at once, I was left with the feeling that I had changed something, at least for a day.

Ending the session with closed eyes and a few deep breaths, the students continued on with their day of learning about the Romans, a people known for changing the world.


From deep in the driftless,


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