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August means evaluation time, and the FFI Operations Team has been reviewing the past year and comparing the progress to our benchmarks (or indicators).


One of our goals is to help schools achieve the status of winners of the “Healthier US School Challenge.”


The HealthierUS School Challenge: Smarter Lunchrooms (HUSSC: SL) is a voluntary certification initiative recognizing those schools enrolled in Team Nutrition that have created healthier school environments  through promotion of nutrition and physical activity.


Awards are given to school buildings or districts at the bronze, silver and gold levels. Schools are allowed to apply for each level, and monetary awards are given.


Here is the most recent list for the 2016/17 school year:

  • Turkey Valley Community School District (6/2017-6/2021) Bronze
  • Allamakee Waterville Elementary (6/2017-6/2021) Silver
  • New Hampton St. Joseph Community School (12/2016-12/2020) Silver
  • Oelwein Little Husky Learning Center (11/2016-11/2020) Silver
  • Oelwein Parkside Elementary (11/2016-11/2020) Silver


Here are winners from previous years:

  • New Hampton St. Joseph Catholic School (6/15 – 6/19) Bronze
  • Decorah John Cline Elementary School  (4/15 – 4/19) Bronze
  • Postville Cora B. Darling Elementary School (4/15 – 4/19) Bronze


HUSSC Awards (before 2014)

  • Howard-Winneshiek Community School District   (4/13 – 4/17)
    Crestwood Elementary School (Gold)
    Crestwood High School (Gold)
    Crestwood Junior High School (Gold)
    Elma Elementary School (Gold)
    Lime Springs/Chester Elementary School (Gold)
  • Elkader Central Community School District   (10/12 – 10/16) Bronze

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