FEEST Intern Spotlight: Macie

Macie Weigand recently completed her FEEST internship. Here are her thoughts about the year.


  1. Macie Weigand (left), the MFL MarMac FEEST intern, and partner Reagan Butikofer chop up zucchini for their dish.

    What have a learned from this whole experience?

I will never forget the first meal I made at a Postville FEEST, and ever since then I’ve though we needed it at MFLMarMac. I loved getting more and more kids involved and the best part was seeing them try new things and liking it. I hope my fellow classmates took something from those experience and continue to stay open to new things.


  1. My project goal.

My main goal was to inform people about healthy options and easy ways to eat healthy snacks. Most of my research was online. I had some help from adults and advisors.


  1. Where and why did I present my project?

I shared my poster at the Marquette farmers market in July. I felt like it was a big hit. I had quite a few people stop by and said they had already tried that and it was good, or they wanted to try it in the future. I collected their emails and I sent the recipes they wanted to try.


  1. Future goal with 4-H FEEST.

I hope to continue either cooking class or FEEST within the school. I know the kids are very excited about doing something like that. I will probably use other kids to help me arrange it and go from there.


Read more: http://iowafoodandfitness.org/wegrow/2016/11/04/feest-ing-on-unique-food-combinations/


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