Preparing healthy snacks at Clayton Ridge

Students in Mrs. Lawrence’s class learned about food by comparing and contrasting foods grown locally to foods grown throughout the nation. The students concluded that most of the farm products grown on large farms in Iowa are for animal consumption, while gardens and farmers markets supply foods for families to eat.


Using various resources, the students researched smoothie recipes, discussed ingredients from Iowa farms, the nation and the world and developed a shopping list. The students broadened their culinary talents and taste buds by whipping up delicious smoothies. Some students stated they did not like smoothies; however, when the finished product was made, complete with whipped topping, all students wanted to try it and decided they liked them.


The class decided to venture into more creativity by adding carrots to a fruit smoothie. The group said they could not even taste the carrot and decided this would be a great way to eat more veggies. With the students’ background knowledge of rural Iowa, the instructor was able to take the learning experience to the next level with more in-depth methods of farming using irrigation, crop rotation, alternative fertilization and weed control methods.


Mrs. Lawrence commented that the outcome of the Healthy Snacks project exceeded her expectations and she is looking forward to continuing the lesson with next year’s class.

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