I’m learning as they’re learning…

Teaching is new to me, and new to most of us service members. It’s a learning process, and practice has really proven to help! I am learning quickly from the first couple weeks that I have begun teaching lessons. I have started out with an introduction lesson talking about foods we like and which of those foods we need on our plates every day! I also have taught lessons about local food and the parts of the plant. Here are 10 lessons that I have learned thus far:


  1. My natural positive soft energy is what really works best with the little ones.
  2. They NEED to move! The after-nap sessions especially require it. So, I’ve been incorporating stretching, dances, actions, etc. to go along with my lessons.
  3. Songs are fun for them; unless they’re a little too fast then they just bob slowly up and down with a glazed look on their face. I’m not the best singer, but they don’t care.
  4. They are so willing to try things!
  5. They love to say “loved it!” and give a thumbs up, even though their faces are sometimes saying “yuck”. It’s too cute; they want to make me proud and for me to give them attention because of liking foods even if they have to fib a bit. I’m just glad they tried it!
  6. I have quickly learned to walk with a child attached to one of my legs or dance with another hand in mine. Learning personal space is new for them. They love giving me hugs and are the best at giving compliments!
  7. I hope that they don’t ever get sick of stickers, because they work!
  8. My latest discovery/lesson was to not wear rain boots… this was a weird one but apparently they’re more exciting than the local food dance! The kids were even on the floor admiring my boots as I was trying to teach them a song!
  9. The kids are appreciative and always happy to see me.
  10. The teachers equally appreciate me there and have been great with allowing me to come into their classrooms.


Stay tuned for more updates from my experiences in the head start classrooms! Thanks for reading!

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