Bicycles and Helmets; Stories and Laughter

Biking school bus

Freeport Biking School Bus – May 2016

May marks a month of bicycles and helmets; stories and laughter. This month has been filled with bike rodeos, bike safety, and the introduction of commuting to school by a means other than foot or vehicle.


Hundreds of kids learned how to properly fit their helmets, how to correctly signal their intentions, and experience the simple joy that riding can bring to one’s own existence. May brought forth the launch of the first Biking School Bus in Winneshiek County, where kids bike 3 miles to school and 3 miles back to their homes on Fridays. Quiet in the morning and laughter in the afternoon, these rides allowed children to slowly glide into the school day and exit with all the energy built. This commute opened a new world for many, these rides will continue through the years because of the excitement in their eyes, not only did they want to commute every Friday, but they begged to commute daily. May has been powerful; May has been community and volunteer driven; May, will not be forgotten.


A big thanks to Ashley Christensen at Safe Routes to School and Katrina Brickley, parent volunteer, for making this happen!


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