April: Renewal and Awakening

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Better late than never…


April marks the time of year in NE Iowa when gardens can become a center of focus and activity inside the classroom and out. Where ideas and seeds begin to germinate in unison and the process of life begins to unfold.




This April students around the Decorah district participated in planning their gardens. Some classes chose to dive into the world of heirloom vegetables and flowers while others simple wanted to explore the beauty that lay in color.



Photo Cred: Decorah Public Newspaper


Photo Cred: Decorah Public Newspaper



First graders were able to visit high school gardens and learn about vermicomposting, bees, and plant their own peppers to take home with them, while kindergarteners visited the local food co-operative and learned how to sort food according to source, plant/animal/mineral/fungi, and about the diets of omnivores, herbivores, and carnivores.



Photo Cred: Decorah Public Newspaper














Throughout the month students were able to explore their senses in the gardens that lie nestled behind their schools and enjoy the sensation of new foods, thoughts, and connections. April is the binding that has pulled everything together; April has been a month of renewal and awakening.





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