Spring Rollin’

The Junior Food and Fitness Club started up again this past week. We had so many students sign up, that we had to add a third session during the week. Not a bad problem to have.


Spring rolls are my absolute favorite recipe to make with kids. They are exposed to so many new ingredients and are usually super excited about all of the beautiful colors. Spring rolls are also ideal for a larger group because there is a lot of prep involved and everyone gets to make their own. Anyone that works with kids knows that you want busy hands.


You can’t have spring rolls without the peanut sauce!

All the students helped chop up the ingredients and then it was assembly time!


The spring roll assembly line.

The adventurousness of my students always amazes me.


The spring roll assembly line.

Most students are a little wary of the rice papers, which do look like thin plastic, and when soaked in water, do have a weird texture. But, we can teach our tongues to like them if we continue to try them again and again. So you better believe we will be doing spring rolls again this summer.


Get out of your food comfort zone today and try something new. Happy eating!


Spring rolls rock!

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