Riceville school district finishing trail work

Students at Riceville School will soon have a complete walking trail following approval of completion by the district’s board of education.


During the Monday, Dec. 14 board of education meeting, members approved completing the remaining 20-feet around the elementary school playground which runs along the right field fence of the high school softball field.


In addition, the board approved the purchase of parking bump stops to be installed along the north fence of the high school baseball field where a sidewalk will also be installed.


The cost of the project is unknown due to the changing prices of concrete, said Riceville K-12 principal Cory Schumann. “We plan to use grants from Food and Fitness and Healthy Kids to pay for the remaining installation.”


In 2011, in conjunction with the district’s participation in the Northeast Iowa Food & Fitness Initiative, a Wildcat Walking trail was incorporated on school grounds.


Organizers took already existing sidewalks and added sections of concrete for a walking trail which will now circle the entire school grounds. The length of the trail is approximately .64 miles.


Early funds to pay for the initial installation came from various organizations including approximately $20,000 from the Foundation for the Enhancement of Mitchell County.


A long-term goal of the organizers is to have the Wildcat Walking Trail connect with the Wapsi-Great Western Line Trail, located approximately a half-mile north of the school grounds.


Source: Jim Cross, The Press-News, Dec 23, 2015.

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