Adventures with Andi: Literacy, Fitness and Fun!

Many children’s books  inspire healthy food choices and fitness, even the unexpected ones. Be creative and have fun!! Last week Andi and I read The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. After reading the book we went for a nature walk to look for spider webs. It was great fun, and as soon as we got home Andi wanted to read the book again!

Try out one of these great books that inspire young readers to get moving!


Dudley: The Little Terrier that Could                            by Stephen Green-Armytage

Wiggle                                                                         by Doreen Cronin

Little Yoga                                                                  by Rebecca Whitford

Bounce                                                                        by Doreen Cronin

From Head to Toe                                                      by Eric Carle

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes                               by Zita Newcome

Get Up and Go!                                                            By Nancy Carlson

The Busy Body Book                                                  by Lizzy Rockwell

Babar’s Yoga for Elephants                                       by Laurent de Brunhoff

Llama Llama Zippity-Zoom!                                      By Anna Dewdney


You can also try stories in motion. Pick a favorite book and do the actions along with the characters. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is one of Andi’s favorites!

Visit Clermont for more literacy fun. Posts along the bike trail display pages from children’s books. Kids can have fun reading as they walk!

Clermont Book Trail

Read a children’s book as you walk along the Turkey River Bike Trail!


Clermont Book Walk 2

Each post features a different page from the book.


2 thoughts on “Adventures with Andi: Literacy, Fitness and Fun!

  1. How awesome to learn that the “Story Walk” idea from Oelwein is spreading across the region!! Hoping more communities will pick up on the idea!

    • I did not know it originated in Oelwein, that is great to know! Where is it located in Oelwein/how long is the trail? I would love to add information about it on the blog – it is such a fantastic idea!

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