Summer as an RC

Can you believe it? June is already halfway over and here in Northeast Iowa summer is in full swing!



Tots Campers Make Butter

As an RC, summer is great time to recharge our batteries, do some programming, collaborate with our fellow service members, and of course, take care of our gardens.


So far, I have been busy team teaching a co-op class for a handful of middle school boys, leading park and rec programming with Paige, tabling for Food and Fitness and the Co-op at farmer’s markets, and making sure the three gardens I’m responsible for are still alive and weed-free.



The John Cline Garden is Sure Growing!

This week at both Park and Rec Camps, we talked about how most of our food comes from plants and animals. We did a food relay race, did animal walk races, and at John Cline we got to explore the garden! It was by far the most engaged the kids had been all morning – they were so excited to do garden taste tests, sniff tests, and see the way things grow. Luckily, the garden is growing really well this year, thanks to some bags of black dirt and compost I added back in April. We got to sniff basil, dill, and cilantro and try shell peas and lettuce, with peas being everyone’s clear favorite. Then, to finish our garden experience, I pulled a purple dragon carrot from the ground, which was magical for everyone (including myself).




Then as Paige and I were wrapping up, I noticed that our garden was expanding even more that I thought… We found a tomato plant growing in a hole in the cement! Man oh man, nature never ceases to amaze me!


The Rogue Cement Tomato Plant

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