Why do cows wear bells?

Why do cows wear bells? Because their horns don’t work – the joke was on me this last month with what preschool children learned about beef. It was amazing thanks to great teachers and making the connection where our food comes from!

I visited a few classrooms and heard from several others about beef cows (our Farm to Preschool  featured local food for the month) – not dairy cows. The children I talked with knew the difference. Do you?

The Transitional Kindergartner teacher at West Side Elementary School in Decorah, Shanna Putnam Dibble, used local beef raised from her in-laws farm near Clermont in her classroom. She shared photos of their family farm so the children could see where the beef came from. Shanna commented, “Students cooked meatballs and mini pizzas with beef. The pizzas were a big hit! We read a lot of books about cows, where beef comes from and we used our journals to report our favorite foods made with beef.”


In West Union, Sara Converses’ Head Start class enjoyed a visit from the Fayette County Beef Princess, Maria Streif. Sara said, “The Iowa Beef Council sent us little beef booklets to use in the classroom. We had a fun month.”

Remember beef has ZIP – Zinc to help with memory, Iron to help give you energy, and Protien to keep your muscles strong.

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