Allamakee Live Healthy Iowa Kick Off

Allamakee Community Schools celebrated the start of Live Healthy Iowa on February 2nd in the Waukon High School gym. Students were treated to a skit, fun games, and prizes thrown into the crowd! The high school 4-H Food and Fitness Youth team planned the event, along with Youth Coach Stef Perkins, ACSD FoodCorps service member Ashley Turk, and community volunteer Dani Bucknell.

Banana vs HotdogLive Healthy Iowa 1


The Food and Fitness team led an array of fun activities for the lucky students and staff who were selected from the crowd.

  • Wrestling match between a banana and a hotdog… the stronger item filled with a variety of nutrients and vitamins won in the end… BANANA!
  • Minute to Win It games (Games were played with “Sometimes Foods” such as candy/cookies, foods okay to indulge in once in awhile but more fun to play with than to eat.)
    • Fishing for “swedish fish” in a pan full of whipped cream… with only their face/mouth
    • Balloon Juggle… to keep three balloons in the air as long as possible
    • Partner Toss… toss items into their partners cup, which is on top of their head
    • Cookie Catch… cookies placed on contestant’s forehead, then they try to get the cookie into their mouth without using their hands

This is the kind of food we should play with (and not eat!)! Balloon 1

The goal of Live Healthy Iowa is to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation. The challenge encourages participants to eat fruits and vegetables, drink water, and get plenty of physical activity every day. This year, the challenge runs from January 26th to April 3rd. Allamakee County has won the Community Cup in the past for its high rates of participation and is looking to do so again this year!


Visit for more information about the challenge!


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