Manners Matter!

Turkey Valley had a very special visitor on October 15. Eight year, NFL player, Tim Green came to school to talk about the importance of education and how reading is important in exercising the brain. Not only did Mr. Green speak about how education can take someone far in life, he also talked about having good character and manners in everything that you do. The second part had a huge impact on me as I listened to him talk. I realized that the work we do every day isn’t just about systems change and promoting a healthy lifestyle, it is about building character. Each of the RCs plays an integral role when we model good citizenship, healthy living and practicing good eating habits.


While I’ve only taught a couple lessons this month, I’ve found that manners are what stick with the kids the most. My “Great Taster” rules are probably the most important part of my lessons for the sole reason that they enforce good manners and being polite to their classmates. I hope that they take these manners and apply them throughout their life.

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