Luther Edible gardens ready for fall harvesting

Luther gardens





The majority of Luther Collge students may have left for the summer break, but our gardeners stayed on campus to make sure that the edible landscapes stayed in top condition! In front of Valders Hall of Science and behind Ylvisaker Hall, the edible landscapes are full of tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, chard, herbs, eggplant and more! Anybody is welcome to take what they would like- just be sure to close the gate to keep out the critters!

The goal of Luther’s edible landscapes is to demonstrate the beauty of diverse vegetables and edible flowers and to reconnect people with food plants. Luther’s first edible landscape garden is located near Valders and was the result of a student-initiated project for an environmental philosophy class.  The success of the first garden led to the creation of the edible landscape located behind Ylvisaker Hall.

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