All Smiles

Like many of the gardens and students that I’ve worked with in my year of service, I too have grown. In fact this year was one of the most influential years in my life. I’ve gained confidence, leadership skills, and a lot of great new recipes. Here with FFI I’ve found my passion for working with school districts and children. I feel as though this year has opened my eyes to goals for my future career.


The support that FFI has given me throughout this year and the tools to succeed are overflowing and I will miss that the most. Moving miles away from home was a little intimidating at first, but the Midwest hospitality made the transition very smooth. Seeing what a team of passionate people can achieve has been inspiring. I will forever want to surround myself with passionate people doing great things. There is no other way I would have wanted to spend this past year and leaving will be hard. A huge thanks goes out to FFI for helping me do what I love. Because together we grow healthy kids.


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