Young Entrepreneurs Start Healthy Business

Mrs. Ayers Entrepreneurship class at New Hampton High School has worked this first quarter to create a business called Ocarti. Ocarti is a business providing office supplies and healthy snacks to the students and staff of the high school. The vending cart will be in operation in study halls only.


A community grant was applied for to fund this project including the cart, supplies, and equipment. The students will acquire skills in marketing, inventory control, customer service, break-even and profit analysis.


Ocarti will have a CEO, CFO, VP of sales analysis, VP of inventory control and VP of marketing. Each of these positions will have staff members. The company will have regular staff meetings to make decisions to become a profitable business. At the end of the semester all inventory will be liquidated and the company will be sold to next year’s class. Future decisions will be made as to the dispersal of the profits.


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