School Garden -> ROCK GARDEN!!!

Welcome to the Clayton Ridge Rock Garden

Welcome to the Clayton Ridge Rock Garden

After some crazy weather, high school students at Clayton Ridge led by Dana Einck and Steve Zaruba were finally able to get out and plant the remainder of the school garden last Thursday. It was sunny and beautiful, and though they had to re-till, after a few hours the approximately 40′ x 80′ garden was planted, complete with bean-pole teepees.


After talking to Dana, it seemed that planting went great! I was excited to see the finished garden, but on Tuesday morning, it rained, and our garden club in Guttenberg was a no-go. Still, my partner in ‘grime,’ Shannon Durbin, after school program coordinator at Clayton County Extension, and I thought we’d go check out the garden space and do some planning. When we arrived, however, we found that the rain yesterday morning had a much bigger effect than canceling our plans. In fact, the rain had washed rock and gravel down the steep hill above the garden, through a neighboring driveway, and right into the school garden. Somehow our tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings are mostly intact, but the rest of the garden looks much more like a driveway or a rock garden than anything else. Too bad- rock gardens are usually peaceful and zen- but seeing all that rock over the garden couldn’t make me feel any less calm. Still unsure how everyone will proceed- seems like the year has been pretty unforgiving to the Clayton Ridge school garden!


Rock and Mud Slide

The massive rock and mud slide leads straight to the school garden


View from the Bean Pole Teepees


Peppers, tomatoes, and footprints in the mud

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