Garden Helpers of All Ages Keep Central’s Garden Growing

DSC_5102With help from all age groups, our garden at Central is growing! Last week our two three-year-olds, Lincoln and Blair, helped take care of the garden while providing us all with entertainment. For example, do you know how to get three-year-olds to pull weeds?  Well, you ask to see “Who can pick ten weeds first?” If you want a three-year-old to help water tomatoes, you should provide a cute mini watering can. And if all else fails and the three-year-olds need a break, just set them up with some baby carrots and a stack of… spoons? Yes, spoons. Intended for a future lesson on creature control, our spoons are meant to become wind-chimes. But, for the time being, they were the best toy in the garden and the source of much creative playtime.


Blair waters the tomatoes


Blair and Lincoln with spoons!












Of course, our older helpers were great too, and they had a bit more muscle to help build bean-pole teepees. Earlier that morning, I pulled into the parking lot with 14 12-foot-tall saplings tarp-strapped to the luggage rack of my Toyota Corolla wagon. (That won me a lot of funny looks from passers-by). But, in no time at all Carl, Mark, Ashlan, and Jake had helped me get the poles off my roof and had them carried over to the bean patch. Everyone was excited when they found out we were building teepees “like Native Americans!”, but it was more difficult to understand how they would look like a teepee without any animal skin or canvas covering. I explained that the beans would grow up and hide anyone who was sitting in the teepee. Now we just have to wait and be patient for our beans to grow.



Tomorrow will be our third Garden Club meeting, and I’m hoping the Turkey River doesn’t get much higher in the meantime. It’s already come up to the lower edge of the playground a few times, but so far has left our garden alone. While the high water means it’s too wet to do morning yoga in the grass, we can still enjoy our raised garden.


central garden flood





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  1. Central’s Garden was the idea and project for my son, Neil Blair, to earn his Eagle Scout Award in 2012. I am happy to see the garden not only being taken care of, but flourishing. Kudos to Central for incorporating the garden into a learning center for all grade levels.

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