Eat A Rainbow

Sometimes after teaching lessons I wonder how much of what I teach in 45 minutes actually sticks with the students.  In the field of education and working with young people, I guess it may be common to wonder every once in a while if students are really clicking with the messages.  I put all worry aside after something that happened in Riceville one day.


This past fall, I had been teaching lessons to the first grade about “Eating a Rainbow” and coloring their plates at lunch with different fruits and veggies.  The lessons went well but as a new teacher, I didn’t know if what I was saying to them resonated. After my first lesson, I felt a little discouraged. The next week as I was leaving the same class after teaching a different lesson, one student ran over to me and handed me a drawing that she had made during her free time.  She said she started eating a rainbow at lunch but the picture said it all.  From that moment, I now know that kids really do retain the information we teach them and how influential and  important this work that we do is.

 eat a rainbow


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