A Very Long Thank You Note

Welcome to my post-holiday slump of a blog post. I have this sort of beehive-sounding buzz building in my brain since attempting to get back into the school groove this week. Maybe I ate too much turkey. Maybe I did not eat enough pie (which is entirely not possible considering the amount of pie I ate). Whatever it is, it does not feel nice. Last New Years, I made a resolution to “TURN IT AROUND”! For me, “turning it around” is a commitment to finding, and even sometimes forcing into existence, the positivity in all situations. So, here I sit in my office meditating on the words “turn it around”. This holiday season I will not be overtaken by the bee-buzz in my brain. With every word I type, may the buzz be ever gone from my being. Continue reading

Today’s Lunch: Local Food!

The new school year is here, and I am busier than ever!


Usually, August is a chance to wrap up some loose ends, finish some reporting and maybe squeeze in a few more fundays with the kids. But I find myself very busy these days with school food orders this year. “Odd,” I thought to myself. “I don’t remember it being this busy last year.” Continue reading