Farm to School Month Special Guest: Kohlrabi!

October is an exciting month in northeast Iowa! The leaves are changing color, the air is becoming crisp and harvest season is winding down for most farmers. As we enter autumn, we honor the summer of hard work by harvesting and sharing garden bounties with friends and family. Schools across the county have joined together to celebrate this time of plenty through Farm to School Month, a month dedicated to developing and applauding strong connections between schools and local foods. Continue reading

Today’s Lunch: Local Food!

The new school year is here, and I am busier than ever!


Usually, August is a chance to wrap up some loose ends, finish some reporting and maybe squeeze in a few more fundays with the kids. But I find myself very busy these days with school food orders this year. “Odd,” I thought to myself. “I don’t remember it being this busy last year.” Continue reading

Partnering with Cooperative Extension to Support Farm to School

Through a survey of eight state Extension Systems, results show that on average, Extension professionals are supporting at least one farm to school-related activity and that respondents were interested in supporting farm to school much more than they currently are. The number one farm to school activity that respondents were involved in was school or community gardening programs. Continue reading