Active Living Work Group Meeting

At the end of last week, I got an opportunity to attend an Active Living Work Group Meeting at Upper Explorerland.  It was great to hear all of the things this group had done and the plans they intend to make. Some of the items that were discussed included topics like: the Great Give Day, the Bike Rack Challenge, the trail counting project, funding, Food and Fitness Initiative Indicators, Safari and Marathon Programs.  I really enjoyed learning about these Safari and Marathon Programs, and became intrigued in hopes of bringing it up to my high school or hometown community.  The Marathon one in particular interested me as a runner.  It is a family program, where you try to walk 26 miles, or a “marathon” throughout the summer or over a period of time.  It is a great and unique way to promote active living.  I was introduced to new ideas within Active Living and the meeting reconnected me with my experience with Food and Fitness at Central Community High School. Continue reading