Yoga helps kids calm their bodies and minds.

I love my 3 boys dearly.  Really, I do.  But, sometimes their energy and wildness can drive me crazy!  Channeled into yoga poses, though, that energy is fun and contagious.  They jump around, hang upside down on my wall ropes, and love moving back and forth between adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog pose) and urdhva mukha svanasana (upward facing dog).  Aside from burning off some of their energy, I find that yoga simply makes them happy.  And that is reason enough to keep them practicing! Continue reading

November 1st is National Author Day

I have always been an avid reader and enjoy spending time drifting into the world of a good book.  I find reading to be relaxing, exciting and educational.   Two of my favorite authors are Kristin Hannah and Nicholas Sparks.  I enjoy their writing styles and always end up getting so lost in their stories that I have a hard time putting the book down. Just one more chapter, I always tell myself! Continue reading

Garden Harvesting with Children

It’s mid-summer, which means gardens are starting to produce an array of colorful delicious vegetables.  Getting your children involved with gardening can develop into a wonderful outdoor family activity.  When children are active participants in the planning, growing and harvesting of garden vegetables, they are usually willing to eat them also.  The harvesting stage is usually what young children get the most excited about.   This is a great learning experience for children.  When you teach children to help with the garden harvest, there will certainly be fun times and laughter all around!  Here are some fun tips on how to make garden harvesting with young children a fun and productive activity. Continue reading

When you are thirsty, water is the #1 thirst quencher!

It’s July in Iowa which means hot and humid weather. When we work, play and exercise outdoors, we sweat and LOSE essential water and minerals, and it is important to our health to replace it!  Between 70-80% of a child’s body is made up of water. Keep water handy and cold for your children by always keeping a pitcher of water or water bottles in the refrigerator. Continue reading