Breakfast bags help families during winter break

Source: Oelwein Daily Register, 12/28/16.


Five families in the Oelwein School District are benefiting over winter break from a breakfast bag project created by fellow students. Under the leadership of Lauren Allbritton, FoodCorps AmeriCorps Service member through the NE Iowa Food & Fitness Initiative, a 4-H club was put together at the middle and high school. Continue reading

Youth Leaders Address the Issues of Poverty, Hunger and Food Insecurity

4-H Food and Fitness members gathered from 9 school districts around NE Iowa for the Regional Youth Leadership Team winter gathering on the Luther College campus this month. These youth and adults from area schools meet quarterly to learn about wellness issues in their communities, identify projects to help their school or community, and network by sharing experiences of their club projects and build ideas for future ones. Continue reading

Choosing to Stay

One of the challenges of investing in youth living in a rural area is that youth often move away, commonly called the “Brain Drain.” This drain contributes to an overall decline in population, a decrease in the number of families raising children in rural places (thus contributing to declining school enrollments), and a decrease in the number of new young farmers ready to take over operations from the older generation. It also means that efforts to invest in youth may benefit the cities they move to rather than the small towns they come from.


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