Mid-Winter Musings

Unlike most of the K-12 educators we work with in schools across the country, FoodCorps service members don’t have tests to prepare our students for, we don’t have the pressure of teacher accountability if our students don’t meet certain learning benchmarks, and we always have really fun material to work with. The freedom and flexibility of our positions, if we wield them correctly, can lead to immense opportunities to pay close attention to and address our students’ well being — and not just as it relates to food. As service members, we are also in a unique position to be able to impact the social/emotional lives (and thus, a more holistic well-being) of the students we serve. Continue reading

Kale Chips and Life Lessons

On October 7, I had a revelation. An idea that had been stewing in my brain, subconsciously, finally made itself apparent. I’ve heard it articulated many times in many different contexts. But now I get it. This idea has certainly informed my FoodCorps service thus far, even if I didn’t acknowledge it explicitly, but I now understand that it effectively sums up what I know about creating change: you must meet people where they’re at.


Nowhere illustrates concept this as well as a school lunchroom on the day of a kale chip taste test. Continue reading